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Extracts from letters, emails, event evaluations, references and testimonials from colleagues and clients:


“He is wise and he wants you to be wise too. It sounds dramatic but he changed my life by helping me regain the courage and self-belief which had been temporarily taken from me.”

Client Evaluation from anonymous 360 degree Feedback


“I have so often seen the long-lasting impact that John has when he works with groups and individuals alike. He brings an insight that is rooted in research. People matter to him - he ensures their need comes first. "

Philip Holmes, Director, BCEM Ltd


"I've been privileged to work with John on regular occasions, I have been impressed with his total engagement and commitment to his clients. John possesses that rare quality of truly respecting and valuing people."

Alan Wayment, Director, VISION


“John is an outstanding leader of change. He has a good sense of the needs of clients, with the confidence to challenge and cause them to think and reflect on their view and practices in order to encourage innovation and development.”

Martin Baxter FRSA Director, Curriculum Foundation



“John is extraordinarily energetic and creative, with a capacity to pull together disparate ideas in a way that is readily accessible. He is a pleasure to work with, bringing warmth and a profound sense of value and purpose into everything he does."

Kevin Ford, CEO FPM and Visiting Fellow Cranfield School of Management



"John was fantastic, he really helped me realise my potential and believe in my new business venture. After working with him I feel clear about what I need to do next and how to do it. Really hope to work together again in the future."

Diane Stubbs Business Woman and winner of local ‘Dragon’s Den’



"John is witty, articulate, knowledgeable and very inclusive. If you are thinking of working with John, he will stretch you and make you think about things more deeply than you may have before. Not only that, he's a thoroughly good man!"

Mark Grant Business & Leadership Coach


"John is the kind of manager who inspires anyone who is lucky enough to work with him. He has a special way of bringing clarity and common sense to any task or challenge, which, combined with his wicked sense of humour endear him to colleagues at any level in the organisation. He is demanding and authoritative but genuinely perceptive, supportive and caring."

Maggie Morland - Artist at Maggie Morland Arts


“John, you are the trusted face and the professional glue. Don't underestimate the effect of how you model professional conduct and integrity. You do walk the talk and ask the tough questions of everyone, including yourself.”

Mike West, Local Authority Secondary Inspector in Special Measures School


"John is enthusiastic and motivating. He brings passion and energy to any group and creates a very effective learning environment. His sense of humour, depth of knowledge and broad experience inspire trust and confidence."

Peter Smith Executive Coach and Leadership consultant

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