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"Looking at what we do with a view to doing it better"

The wisest people I work alongside and meet, want sustainable progress and successful outcomes in work and life, as I do.

I’ve learnt our best work emerges when:

  • there’s a culture of respect and interdependence,

  • collaboration enables and empowers,

  • self-evaluation leads to self-belief,

  • we become determined to take action.

Simply put, it’s about ‘looking at what we do with a view to doing it better’.


Collaborating, enabling and empowering

I listen carefully. And have huge respect for those working hard to reach their potential. A rich vein of wisdom runs through experiences and together we can mine it. It’s about refining their practical intelligence, nous, and working towards where they want and need to be. I also love nurturing a can do attitude - empowering those who have yet to realise their potential.

These beliefs were forged in my 50-year career, leading and collaborating with individuals and teams in education, business and the wider community. 

John is wise and he wants you to be wise too. It sounds dramatic but he changed my life by helping me regain the courage and self-belief which had been temporarily taken from me.


Client Evaluation from anonymous 360 degree feedback

I have so often seen the long-lasting impact that John has when he works with groups and individuals alike. He brings an insight that is rooted in research and people matter to him - he ensures their needs come first.

Philip Holmes, Director, BCEM Ltd

John is extraordinarily energetic and creative, with a capacity to pull together disparate ideas in a way that is readily accessible. He is a pleasure to work with bringing warmth and a profound sense of values and purpose into everything he does.

Kevin Ford, CEO Ford Professional Management and Visiting Fellow Cranfield School of Management
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I am especially proud of creating the iAbacus online self-evaluation and strategic planning tool. The way it transforms people and organisations, captures so much of my experience and research in evaluation, analysis and planning. Since launching the software in 2012, we know iAbacus has helped make thousands of people and organisations more successful.

Read the iAbacus story here 

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