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I've always loved building the capacity of individuals and teams, by seeking ways to make a positive difference. It's about developing a, "Yes we can" culture of interdependence based on self-belief, evaluation, analysis and action. It's sometimes about challenging apathy, lack of hope and often involves supporting talented individuals who, temporarily, feel somewhat helpless.

I started teaching English in 1970 becoming a senior leader, head, advisor, Ofsted Inspector, then Deputy Chief Inspector for Nottinghamshire. Going Freelance in 1998 led me to new roles including: Executive Headships, NCTL Lead Facilitator & Curriculum Adviser for the DfE. Business experience in Restoration, Sculpture and Publishing informed my training and mentoring of over 1,500 start-up consultancies around the UK. 

The unique iAbacus captures the essence of what I learnt through all that. This video filmed at BETT2018, explains a lot.

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I think you'll see why The iAbacus is unique.  Why? Because it starts with individual perceptions and combines the emotional intelligence of coaching with the rigour of audit.  It is not an inspection process carried out by outsiders!  It's based on the iAbacus Improvement Model I developed over the years. But, don't take my word for it, read iAbacus user testimonials 


We are currently moving into Business - Sport & Leisure - Health & Well-Being. Have a look at our website here or watch a 60 second video of the process here or a Business (Sales Performance) application here

But the very best way to understand the simplicity and power of iAbacus is to use it - so take a FREE TRIAL


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I love meeting people with a similar passion to make a positive difference. If that includes you click here

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KES April 2018

As Chairman of the charity Kenyan Education Support KES, it's great to provide scholarships to gifted but disadvantaged Kenyan youngsters who would otherwise have no education.  Our scholars, many now at University, are already making a difference to our world.

A finer life-balance involves a growing family, writing, blacksmithing, Rotary International and climbing high mountains, preferably covered in snow.

Put simply, he is an inspiration. Always an innovator, John's work is the product of deep thinking and is anchored in what he knows motivates people. I have so often seen the long lasting impact when he works with groups and individuals alike. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him without reservation

Philip Holmes, Director, BCEM Ltd

He is wise and he wants you to be wise too. It sounds dramatic but he changed my life by helping me regain the courage and self-belief which had been temporarily been taken from me.

Secondary Head Teacher (wishes to remain anonymous)

Your role is vital - you are the trusted face and the professional glue. Don't underestimate the effect of how you model professional conduct and integrity. You do walk the talk and ask the tough questions of everyone, including yourself.

Mike West Inspector of Special Measures School

I was at your session – you were incredibly inspiring – so much that it somewhat ‘changed my life’. So I guess it’s a big thank you to you for being one of those realistic, down to earth and interesting guys that education seems to lack these days!

Stuart Spendlow Teacher

I heard John speak – he was witty, articulate knowledgeable and inclusive. He was a big hit - thought provoking while remaining respectful of the experience of his audience. John will stretch you and make you think about things more deeply than you may have before. Not only that, he's a thorough good man!

Mark Grant Business & Leadership Coach.

He has a special way of bringing clarity and common sense to any task or challenge, which, combined with his wicked sense of humour endear him to colleagues at any level. He is demanding and authoritative but genuinely perceptive, supportive and caring.

Maggie Morland - Artist at Maggie Morland Arts

John is extraordinarily energetic and creative, with a capacity to pull together disparate ideas in a way that is readily accessible. He has been a pleasure to work with bringing warmth and profound sense of values and purpose into everything he has done with us

Kevin Ford Chief Executive FPM

I worked with John and he was fantastic, he really helped me realise my potential and believe in my new business venture. After working with him I feel clear about what I need to do next and how to do it. Really hope to work together again in the future.

Diane Stubbs Business Woman and winner of local “Dragon’s Den”

I've been privileged to work with John and have been impressed with his total engagement and commitment to his clients. John possesses that rare quality of truly respecting and valuing people. 'People Matter' to John Pearce and he ensures that their needs comes first.

Alan Wayment, Director, VISION

Of all the days I have delivered for the National College, the ones I have facilitated with John shine out like beacons in my memory. They are the ones from which I have learned and they are the ones from which the participants have continued to contact me, as a serving head to follow up issues which began as discussion on the day.

Jill Boyle Head teacher and National College Facilitator

The Consultants’ Oath - my ethics and values

The moral purpose & ethics driving my work.

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